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the gazelle is back// REMEMBER THE FUTURE

A full campaign including a highlight video & influencer engagement for amplification. 


The Gazelle Narrative: Stealing Throughout History. 

In the UK, a phenomenon called Britpop, built on music from bands like Oasis and Blur penetrated popular culture in 1994 and made the Gazelle a mandatory accessory. In the US, stars like Mick Jagger, Keith Richards wore Gazelles in the early '70s. Michael Jackson with his Afro and Gazelles were a recognisable look during the Jackson 5 days. Fast forward to the '90s where Gazelles became the standard issue for supermodels. Kate Moss wore them religiously, and there is that great shot of Helena Christensen nude with nothing but Gazelles on. 

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With Gazelle: Chapter 2, we were free to recreate Gazelle Story. Encouraged by Gazelle's new colourways, we were inspired to create by 'stealing from history'. With the main notion that Nothing is Sacred, we wanted to combine '70s disco, '80s roller skates, '90s neon and millenial fashion to show Gazelle's new look. Afterall, the Gazelle was taken, then adopted. Reappropriated, remade, remixed. 

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